Definition of Series 99 Exam

The Series 99 Exam represents one facet of FINRA’s requirements for senior members of the operations community. The purpose of these new regulations is to prevent Ponzi schemes such as what happened with Bernard Madoff in the past. The Series 99 exam is required for all back office supervisors anyone who performs a covered function

The Series 99 Exam is divided into three distinct sections:

  • Basic Knowledge of the Securities Industry – 38 Questions
  • Basic Knowledge of Broker-Dealer Operations – 48 Questions
  • Knowledge of Professional Conduct – 20 Questions

Cost for the Series 99 exam is $125.00. This is a 2_ hour exam that consists of 110 multiple-choice questions. To be successful a candidate must receive a score of 68% or better. There are no pre-requisites for this exam.

Applying "Series 99 Exam" to Securities Exams:

Candidates taking the Series 99 Exam should realize that 10 out of the 110 questions they will answer do not count towards their final score. These are “pre-test” questions and will not be held against them in any way. Also, while this test is offered year round, most locations are closed Sundays. This is something to consider when choosing your testing date and locations. Get ready to ace your series 99 exam, with series 99 exam prep materials here

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