Definition of Foreign Service Officer Test

The Foreign Service Officer Test (FSOT) (formerly the FSWE) consists of a series of tests used to determine the competence of people to be recruited to serve in the US foreign services as Foreign Service officers. The purpose is to know how competent the prospective candidates are. The test covers such areas as: á Job knowledge á English expression á Explanation of work style á Interaction with others á Personal approach with other cultures

Applying "Foreign Service Officer Test" to Securities Exams:

This written exam takes about 3 hours, and is computer based. It is a general knowledge exam that will test you on everything you know, both about yourself and other things. It comprises of questions about your work experiences, how you respond to challenges and many international questions on current and world affairs. The personal narrative includes a written essay about yourself and why you think you are qualified for the job. After the test, comes an oral assessment which is a 13 dimensions day-long oral assessment that consists of 3 parts. The Foreign Service officer test which is used to prepare and choose these lots consists of online registration, selection process, hiring, assignment of duties and then the A-100 course that trains the selected. The US Foreign Service officer is commissioned as a member of the US Foreign Service, and this gives him the power to formulate and also implement foreign policies. They become members of the US embassies, consulates or engage in other diplomatic missions. In summary, this test is used to ascertain how competent they are, their areas of inclination and to know those to be assigned as special agents.

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