Prep to pass the SIE and Series 6 Investment Company Exams. Using the best SIE & Series 6 Exam Prep Solution. Our comprehensive study materials are the ultimate guide to get ready for test day. Our complete training course features:
  • 2,600 SIE and Series 6 practice questions. Simulated final exams, checkpoint exams and greenlight exams provide comprehensive feedback. We explain everything and let you know when you are test ready
  • 30 hours of online video training. Our online classes follow our study guides chapter by chapter. We make sure you know how topics are tested on exam day.
  • 2 Comprehensive licensing exam manuals. Packed with exam secrets, cheat sheets, test tips and exam updates.

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If you need to pass the SIE and series 6 exams, this is the training solution for you. Receive all of our training materials for both exams at an incredible price.

  • Securities Industry Essentials Exam Study Guide - 400 page
  • SIE Ebook -400 pages
  • SIE Online Video Training Class (20 hours of video)
  • SIE Test Bank -1,100 Questions
  • Series 6 Exam Study Guide -384 pages
  • Series 6 Ebook - 384 pages
  • Series 6 Online Video Training Class (10 hours of video)
  • Series 6 Test Bank 1,500 Questions
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  • Updated December 2023
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Our most comprehensive package to ensure you become fully registered to transact business in Investment company and variable contract products

  • SIE Exam Study Guide - 400 pages
  • SIE Ebook - 400 Pages
  • SIE Test Bank - 1,100 questions
  • Series 6 Exam Study Guide - 384 pages
  • Series 6 Ebook - 384 pages
  • Series 6 Online Video Training Class (10 hours of video)
  • Series 6 Test Bank 1,500 Questions
  • Series 63 Exam Study Guide - 215 pages
  • Series 63 Ebook - 215 pages
  • Series 63 Online Video Training Class - 4 hours
  • Series 63 Test Bank - 800 questions
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  • GreenLight Money Back Pass Guarantee
  • Unlimited access to test banks and videos for 6 months
  • Updated December 2023
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