Benefits of our Interactive Securities Exam Software

Don’t settle for preset static exams that run on antiquated technology.

Here are just some of the reasons our exam prep software is superior to STC Interactive. Our exam prep software is 100% mobile friendly and has 12 ways to customize your learning experience, including options to:

When you are preparing for your exam it is important that you are able to pinpoint the exact areas you want to focus on. Our interactive online exams allow you select the exact area you want to master. With a click of a button you can drill down to practice applying the knowledge you need to pass your exam.

Let’s face it, everyone learns in a different way. That’s why we have created our exam prep software to allow YOU to pick how and when answers are revealed to you. You may opt to see the explanation after you answer every question, to show you the answer only if you have answered incorrectly or to show you all of your results only at the end of your exam. Regardless of the option you choose, you will get a full and detailed report at the end of every test detailing your overall score, your score in each section and the questions, answers and explanations for each question.

As you go through the test bank, you will see questions that challenge you in unexpected ways. Perhaps the question uses a double negative, or maybe you had an issue choosing between the correct answer and a more correct answer. These are some of FINRA’s favorite tricks and you will see many questions in our test banks that use these same tricks. As a result, you may tag the questions for later review, so you can master taking these style of questions to better prepare you to handle these tough questions on your test. Simply click a button, and you will be shown the questions you have tagged for review. Students cannot do this on STC Interactive.

Sometimes you are stumped by a question and just can’t seem to figure out which of the 4 choices is the correct answer. No problem. Our software works like a flash card when you are taking practice tests. Simply click a button and the explanation will be shown on the screen with the question. Just like a flash card. This is perfect for when you want to spend a few extra minutes reviewing a question and can really help you ensure you know why one answer was correct and why one was incorrect.

Once you have spent a significant amount of time working through your practice tests and simulated final exams, you will most likely want to review some of the questions you have missed by selecting the wrong answer. Our software allows you to select the option to show you only the questions you have answered incorrectly, so that you can see your progress in answering the more challenging questions.

Once you are ready to go back and review the questions you have had the most difficulty with you can select to show questions you have answered incorrectly more than once. These questions are the ones you really need to focus on for your upcoming exam. Chances are that these are the questions which focus on the most complex concepts you are likely to be tested on. Go back and give these another run through to help you master the application of the information in these key areas.

Once you login to our interactive software you notice that the test banks are quite large. Diligent preparation is the key to passing your exam. Most students know this and as a result want to take as many practice questions as they can to ensure that nothing catches them off guard when they sit for the actual exam. Our students can select the option to show any questions they have not seen before and our exam prep software will automatically create a quiz using those questions.

If you find that specific questions are just incredibly confusing you may make a list of the question id numbers and save them in the note taking section of your exam prep software. This way you may simply call up the questions by inputting the number in the software and take another look at it. You may also email an instructor right in our exam prep software and ask for clarification of the test point by referencing the question by its ID number or give us a call and we will go over it with you on the phone.

A student favorite and a truly unique feature of our interactive exam prep software. No need to carry your notebook with you on the train. Pop the exam prep software open and check your notes right on your phone. Or use this great feature to remind you of the questions you had trouble with and want to review more carefully. Certainly nothing remotely close to this feature when using STC Interactive.

Randomized testing is key to your success. Taking the same tests presented in the same order over and over again does not prepare you to pass your exam. It actually promotes memorization rather than learning. This is one of the fatal flaws with STC Interactive and other static exam providers. On these antiquated systems students see their scores increase simply because they “remember” the question and the answer from previous attempts. This can give students a false sense of readiness and they are often shocked when their score on the actual test does not match the scores they were getting on Test 1, 2, 3 or on a “closed book” exam. We have clearly addressed this issue in our exam prep software. When you are ready to take a simulated final exam that is designed to mirror the style, content and difficulty level of the actual exam, simply click a button and the system will create a randomized test every time. No need to ask us “how many finals exams we have?” They are all different. To further ensure that students do not memorize the questions and answers, all of the questions are presented in a random order each time. We also shuffle the answers in the answer key. So you will never “know the answer is C”

A full suite of reporting tools is at your fingertips as you prepare to pass your exam. Whether you are taking a 20 question practice test or a simulated final exam, you will receive a complete score history and be able to go over each and every question by reviewing the complete details of those question. You will see the question, the answer choices, your answer and the explanation. Want to go back and review your score history? Click on the score history tab in your home room for complete details on the quizzes and tests you have taken

Looking for something to tie it all together? Our video training classes work on any phone, tablet or computer, anytime , anywhere and follow our books chapter by chapter.

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