FINRA Remote Online Testing

FINRA has announced that remote Online testing is now live and available for test takers. Here is a comprehensive overview of the remote testing process. 

Prometrics Proproctor is designed to make it easy to test anywhere, anytime from your own office or even from the comfort of your home. For Test takers, getting started is simple. On the day your securities licensing exam, your confirmation link will take you to the login area of the ProProctor platform. Prior to the exam students will have to go through a system “readiness check”  to test that your system is ready to install and run the ProProctor application. During this check Prometrics will be looking for known issues that could be designed to cheat on your exam or that could be interfering with the monitoring system. Should anything be flagged as a potential issue, you’ll have the ability to select and alter your programs or hardware to ensure compliance with the testing requirements. Once the system check is complete you will download and install the proproctor application. Students will be required to go through a comprehensive exam and easy-to-follow check-in process.  The system will guide you through the final preparations before you are greeted by a Prometric “Readiness agent”. If you need assistance at any time during your FINRA exam, help is available to test takers via the chat button.  If you click the help button your readiness agent  is there to help.  The Readiness agent will also perform a comprehensive security check prior to the start of your FINRA Licensing examination.  This readiness or security check will include  the following:

  1. Your agent will confirm that your exam details are correct, the scheduled appointment time, and perform a comprehensive identity check
  2. Your agent will ask you to perform a 360 degree environmental check, and ask you to do a scan of your person including shirt sleeves,  pocket and glasses check to make this process as streamlined as possible. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when remote testing. Students should:

  • Test in an orderly and a well-lit room or work space. 
  • Testing should be conducted while in an upright position 
  • Test alone for the entire exam 
  • Have your computer on a table or desk- don’t sit in a reclined position on a bed or a couch with your computer in your lap 
  • Do not test in a poorly lit or cluttered room or work space 
  • Do not have people or pets present in your testing area at any time
  • Do not use a dual monitor configuration to test

Once you complete this process you are ready to take your online proctored exam. Your Proctor will monitor you throughout the testing process and will be available to provide assistance at any point during the exam. 

The procedures being employed are designed to ensure that individuals do not cheat during their FINRA examination. Only you can determine if remote testing is the best choice for you to take your FINRA securities exam. If test centers are open, conveniently located and have test dates available then testing in the exam center may actually be a better option. If you are in a busy office, could be distracted, concerned about a system failure or losing an internet connection then that would also favor testing in the traditional environment.

We hope that this article has helped you understand the remote online testing procedures FINRA will be using to administer exams.

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