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Free Series 79 Sample Exam Questions

The questions presented on the series 79 exam are among the most challenging. Candidates must be able to show a mastery of complicated concepts. The math calculations presented often take many steps to arrive at the answer. Effective application of the formulas is a key to pass the series 79 exam.

Test takers can find themselves struggling to select the right data. Most of the test questions will contain information that is not required for the formula. Being able to eliminate extraneous information is critical. The amount of information presented can make this challenging for series 79 candidates.

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75 questions must be completed in 2 hours and 30 minutes. FINRA has structured these requirements to provide enough time for each scored question. Yet, good time management is needed to finish the exam. The passing score is 73 percent. The series 79 is not graded on a curve. But to arrive at a passing score of 73 percent a rounding function is applied to the scoring process. Candidates who pass will all receive the same grade of “pass”. Numerical scores are not provided to passing students. Candidates who do not pass will receive a numerical grade.

Besides the 75 scored questions, each test will contain sample questions. These are not counted toward the final score. These are experimental questions. FINRA is considering adding these to the test bank for the series 79 exam. Test takers will not know which questions are scored and which are not. Extra time will be included to answer the extra questions.

When taking practice questions and sample exams, be 100 percent focused. Approach the questions as you would on exam day. Multitasking and distractions reduce the effectiveness of the study time. Read the question with care before selecting the answer. Review the detailed explanations and rationales. Pay particular attention to the formulas used and the basis for the data selected.

The practice questions in our test banks provide comprehensive explanations. Students can show answers and explanations while looking at the questions. This is a great way to receive immediate feedback.

The series 79 exam is a challenging test. But with diligent preparation it can be successfully completed.

Test your knowledge with this free series 79 practice question test. See if you are ready to pass FINRA Series 79 Investment Banking Representative Exam.

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  • 10 multiple choice answers

  • 15 minutes exam time

  • 73% mark is needed to pass