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Free Series 7 Sample Exam Questions

Taking series 7 practice exams is a big part of any candidate’s exam preparation. The questions presented are challenging. Students must have a deep understanding of the critical information required to pass.

125-multiple choice questions must be answered and completed. The exam has a time limit of 3 hours and 45 minutes. The test provides enough time for candidates to answer each question presented. Test takers who have challenges interpreting questions, may find themselves pressed for time. Rushing to answer every question has a negative impact on performance.

Option questions are often the area where many students use too much time. The math calculations and option concepts must be committed to memory. To answer these questions quickly, we have designed a course that makes this easy. Our course contains more than 3 hours of video training for options. After reading our textbook and watching the videos, most students become option masters. In fact, our option secrets make it so students never need to remember any option formulas.

Handling and services customer accounts is another area students struggle with. Some questions are based on straightforward memorization. Other questions require subjective reasoning. Students traditionally narrow down the correct answers to two of the four choices. Not knowing how to select the most correct answer can eat up a lot of time. Our test taking tips and strategies help students identify the best answer quickly.

Customer recommendations and suitability questions require substantial effort. Series 7 candidates must understand the performance characteristics of various investment vehicles. Based on the investor profile, test takers must select the best investment for the client. Understanding client profiles, risk tolerance and objectives are key to answering these questions.

Experimental questions will also be on the series 7 exam. These questions are not identified during the test. Nor do they count towards the candidate’s final score. Each exam provides additional time for test takers to answer these questions

The passing score for the series 7 exam is 72%. Candidates who pass will not receive a numerical score. The exam report states that the student achieved a passing grade. A copy of the report is provided. This is evidence that the student successfully completed the series 7 exam. Students who do not achieve a passing score are provided with the overall score for the exam. A range of the performance in each scored section is detailed in the report .

Test your knowledge with this free series 7 practice question test. See if you are ready to pass FINRA’s Series 7 General Securities Registered Representative exam. These are a small sample of our latest questions, study resources and online exams.

Our series 7 study material will ensure your success on exam day. Complete with a comprehensive physical textbook, Video lectures and challenging test banks. We are so confident in our series 7 training course. that we offer you a money back greenlight pass guarantee.

  • 10 multiple choice answers
  • 15 minutes exam time
  • 72% mark is needed to pass
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