Definition of Class D share

A class D share is a a mutual fund share that charges a level load and a back end load. Effectively the investor who purchases a class D share will pay a blended sales charge. The investor will pay a level load each year, plus a redemption charge when the investor sells the shares.

Applying "Class D share" to Securities Exams:

A class D share is only likely to appear on your exam as a wrong answer in the answer key. A class D share is not likely to be a correct choice when trying to determine which type of mutual fund share would be the best for a particular investor’s needs. Class A, B or C shares would be more appropriate in almost all of the scenario based questions on your exam. There is a small possibility that you may have to be able to identify a class D share by the way that sales charges are paid by the investor. Make sure that you know the way all of the different mutual fund share classes assess sales charges to investors along with when to recommend those shares to investors prior to sitting for your exam. Pass your exam or your money back with our Greenlight exam money back guarantee.

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