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Definition of Dated Date

The Dated Date for a bond is the day when interest starts to accrue. The dated date is only taken into consideration for a new issue of bonds. once the bonds are issued the dated date has no impact to the bondholders.

Applying "Dated Date" to Securities Exams:

When a new issue of bonds is being offered for sale the issuer must determine the date when interest will start to be earned or start to accrue. The issuer will determine this date and set it as the dated date. It is quite possible that an investor may purchase a new issue of bonds and owe the issuer accrued interest if the bonds are not delivered by the dated date. Once the bonds reach the first interest payment date, the investor who purchased the new issue of bonds will receive the full interest payment that includes any amount of accrued interest the investor paid to the issuer. Be sure you have mastered the issuance of bonds, how and when interest accrues and is paid as you will see several questions on your exam covering these topics. Pass your exam or your money back with our GreenLight pass guarantee.

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