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Definition of Satellite Office

A Satellite Office is an office not identified to the public as an office of the member, such as an agent’s home office. An agent working at home and operating as a satellite office may not meet with clients in their home and may not work with another representative in the home office, unless the agents are related and both live in the home. A husband and wife who are both registered with the same firm, would be an example of when this would be allowed

Applying "Satellite Office" to Securities Exams:

Satellite Offices are used by agents of a broker dealer who work out of home offices where no sign is displayed. Satellite offices may not be marketed to the investing public as offices of the broker dealer. A registered representative working out of a satellite office must be assigned to a branch office for supervisory chain of command. The agent’s business card and letterhead must have the address of the branch office and all emails sent and received must go through the member’s email system. Taking a principal level exam will require you to master a member’s firm office structure. Be sure to have a good handle on offices of supervisory jurisdiction (OSJs) branch offices, non-branch offices and offices of convenience, to be sure you are ready to pass your exam. Master all of the material on these concepts, fully covered in our textbooks, exam prep software and video classes.

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