Definition of Transfer and Ship

Transfer and ship is a request made by a customer to have the brokerage firm to transfer their securities into their name and to ship them to their address of record. A customer who wants to hold physical possession of their securities would establish their account to send all securities to the customer’s address of record.

Applying "Transfer and Ship" to Securities Exams:

While more and more securities are only being issued in journal entry form, many securities are still issued with physical certificates. Customers who wish to hold the physical certificates themselves will have the brokerage firm that executes the order transfer the securities into their name and ship or mail the certificates to them. Securities may now be registered in electronic format in the customer’s name through the Direct Registration System or DRS. Understanding how to establish accounts to match a customer’s needs will be a big part of most exams. You must be able to match the account operations to how the customer wants to conduct business. Make sure you are ready to pass your exam with our Greenlight pass guarantee.

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