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Definition of Certificate in Quantitative Finance

The Certificate in Quantitative Finance, or CQF, is designed for those individuals who work, or plan to work, in the fields of derivates, development, quantitative trading or risk management. This is a highly intensive six-month course that tests candidates in the areas of Quantitative Methods, Portfolio Management, Equity Investments, Derivatives and Risk Management.

Before applying for the CQF there are several prerequisite steps that must be met. Candidates should research these steps and make sure they meet the qualifications before starting the application process. It is also highly suggested that potential candidates attend a CQF information session before applying for the program. These sessions are roughly an hour long and are offered throughout the world. Applications for the CQF are accepted up until the start date of the program.

Applying "Certificate in Quantitative Finance" to Securities Exams:

Any candidate considering the CQF needs to be fully aware of the significant cost involved. The full program of the CQF plus fees will cost participants between $19,950 and $22,350. There is a payment schedule that breaks the amount down into 4 installments, but each one is significant and must be paid in full before the candidate can move forward with the program. Scholarships are available to select candidates.

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