Definition of chartered financial analyst – CFA

The Charted Finiancial Analyst program, or CFA, is designed for those individuals who are seeking a strong, comprehensive knowledge of real-world investment analysis and portfolio management.

To be successful in this program candidates must pass three sequential exams:

Level I Exam – Offered in December and June.

Level II Exam – Offered in July

Level III Exam – Offered in July

The following topics are covered in one or more of the CFA exams:

Ethical and Professional Stantards – Levels I & II
Investment Tools – Levels I & II
Corporate Finance – Levels I & II
Economics – Levels I & II
Financial Reporting and Analysis – Levels I & II
Quantitative Methods – Levels I & II
Assest Classes – Levels I, II & III
Alternative Investments – Levels I, II & III
Derivatives – Levels I, II & III
Equity Investments – Levels I, II & III
Fixed Income – Levels I, II & III
Protfoilo Management and Wealth Planning – Levels I, II & III

Applying "chartered financial analyst – CFA" to Securities Exams:

Potential candidates should know that the CFA is considered to be a graduate level program that combines a targeted curriculum with professional conduct requirements. Also, these exams are offered in English only and the current testing centers may change from exam to exam.

These exams are only offered during very specific testing windows and registration opens exactly 11 months before the testing date. Candidates should be aware of these facts and plan appropriately before beginning their CFA training. The cost for these exams are significant and based on when the applicant registers.

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