Series 66 Textbook & Exam Prep Software

Series 66 Textbook & Exam Prep Software
Series 66 Textbook & Exam Prep Software
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Series 66 Textbook & Exam Prep Software

Series 66 Textbook 2024 - 322 pages

Series 66 Practice Exams - 3,000 questions

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Updated May 2024, fully updated for T+1

Unlimited access to test bank for 6 months

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About the Series 66 Textbook and Exam Prep software

The Series 66 Textbook and Exam Prep Test Bank is certainly the best value. It provides students with powerful learning tools at an economical price. We pair our comprehensive exam review textbook with our challenging test banks. To deliver a focused training program. Designed to help you build your knowledge and master its application. This package is best suited for those who want to spend time preparing away from a computer screen. Our college quality textbook is laid out in a logical step by step format. And features: 


  • Chapter tests 
  • Countless examples 
  • Test tips 
  • Focus points . 
  • Generous margins for note taking 
  • Free shipping 


The series 66 test bank is packed with  thousands of challenging exam questions.  It will make you a master of the application of knowledge. This is crucial to pass your exam. Inside the series 66 test bank you will see several types of exams. There are:


  • Practice exams
  • Simulated final exams
  • Checkpoint exams 
  • Greenlight exams 


The practice exams allow you to customize your learning experience in more than a dozen ways. This allows you to take tests  to match your learning style. The practice exams allow you to:


  • Choose the exam topics presented in the quiz 
  • Select the number of questions you want to answer
  • Show the answer and explanation while looking at the question 
  • Mark questions for review 
  • Select how and when answers are displayed
  • Make notes on questions
  • Much more


The simulated final exams create a randomized final exam each time you click the button. Your final exams use the same selection process as the real series 66 exam. The exams mirror the style, content and difficulty level of the actual exam.  To ensure you are ready, we have added thousands of new questions to create simulated final exams. Your simulated final exams are timed and you may not see the results until you complete the test.  Once completed, you will receive a comprehensive breakdown of your results. The reports allow you to review every question and answer contained in the exam.   


Checkpoint exams to focus on major test sections. These tests are a great way to see if you are ready for the Series 66 greenlight exam. The checkpoint exams are created from feedback received from actual Series 66 test takers  


There is no limit to how many times the practice exams, simulated finals and checkpoint exams may be taken.  


The greenlight exam assesses your mastery of the most challenging topics. You will receive a comprehensive report detailing your results. The report contains every question in the greenlight exam. So you may review each question carefully. The greenlight exam may only be taken once. 


Comprehensive reports for all exams are available for review anytime. The reports are under the scores and history tab. Select the exam from the drop down menu to see your results. Inside the report you will see:


  • Every question
  • All the answer choices
  • Your answer
  • The correct answer and explanation


Updated May 2024 fully updated for T+1

Series 66 Exam Prep Software

May 2024 fully updated for T+1.

Series 66 Online Video Class

May 2024 fully updated for T+1

Series 66 Complete Video Package

Updated May 2024 fully updated for T+1

Series 66 Exam Textbook

Updated May 2024 fully updated for T+1

Series 66 Mobile EBook

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