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The series 22 direct participation program representative examination is designed to license a representative to participate in the offering of direct participation programs. Successful completion of this exam will allow the representative to engage in the solicitation of interests in limited partnerships, limited liability companies, S corporations, direct participation programs and other primary offerings. Each candidate will have 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete this challenging 50-question exam. A score of 70% or higher must be achieved to become licensed. In addition to passing the series 22 exam, a representative must also pass the SIE exam to become fully registered.  Our Series 22 exam prep course includes everything you need to prepare for your upcoming test.  



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The series 22 exam requires you to master all types of pass through investments. Our most complete training program guides you every step of the way


Series 22 video class – presented in state-of-the-art high definition filmed in a multimillion-dollar newsroom. This video class delivers everything you need to help ensure you have mastered the  knowledge required on your exam. 12 video lectures consisting of more than  9 hours of class time is at your fingertips and ready to be viewed on any connected device.

Series 22 study guide – online access to everything you need to read and packed with the small details you’ll be required to know to pass your exam. 8 chapters and more than 250 pages ready to be accessed online, on the go at any time.

Series 22  test bank –  packed with hundreds of series 22 test questions covering all the details you must master and designed to ensure you can apply the information on your exam. Accessible on any phone, tablet or computer,  you may pick how and when answers are revealed to you, take topic focused tests, and randomized simulated final exams to ensure  you are test ready. 


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World-class instruction guides you through all the material you need to master to ensure you pass the series 22 exam. An expert instructor helps you understand the complex topics you will be faced with on your test. More than nine hours of video class lectures, hundreds of pages of study text and a robust test bank prepare you to pass the series 22 exam. 6 Month Unlimited Access

  • Exam Textbook 2021 - 304 Pages
  • Exam Ebook 2021 - 304 Pages
  • test bank -1,000 Questions
  • online video class- - 9+ hours
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  • Updated Ocober 2021
  • Instant Access to all for 180 days
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Be prepared to pass both the series 22 and 63 exams with this comprehensive complete study solution Be prepared to pass both the series 22 and 63 exams with this comprehensive complete study solution. Our in-depth study guides, video training and test banks ensure you are ready to pass. Are Series 22 and 63 training packages includes more than 15 hours of video training for the series 22 and 63 exam, the series 22 and series 63 study guides and our comprehensive test banks with more than 1500 questions.

  • 9 hours of Series 22 Video Training
  • 6 hours of Series 63 Video Training
  • Comprehensive Series 22 Test Bank
  • Comprehensive Series 63 Test Bank
  • Series 22 Textbook 2021 - 300 pages
  • Series 22 Ebook 2021 - 300 page
  • Series 63 textbook 2021 -215 pages
  • Series 63 Ebook 2021 - 215 pages
  • Free Shipping
  • Instant Unlimited Access For 6 Months
  • Updated April 2021
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Be prepared to pass both the SIE exam and the series 22 exam with this complete study package. Best of all we guarantee you pass. Everything you need to pass including:

  • SIE Video Training Class - 15 hours
  • Series 22 Video Training Class - 9 hours
  • SIE Exam Textbook 2021 - 400 pages
  • SIE Ebook 2021 - 400 pages
  • Series 22 Textbook 2021 - 300 pages
  • Series 22 Ebook 2021 - 300 pages
  • SIE Question Bank 1.100 Questions
  • Series 22 Question Bank 1.000 Questions
  • Checkpoint Exams
  • SIE GreenLight Exam
  • SIE GreenLight Pass Guarantee
  • Free Shipping
  • Instant unlimited access for 6 months
  • Updated April 2021
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