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Series 4 Tutoring

A private tutor may be exactly what you need to help you pass the Series 4 exam. A skilled Series 4 tutor can make a large impact on your mastery of the Series 4 material in a relatively short period of time. Private tutoring is most effective when preparing for the Series 4 exam under the following scenarios:

  1. You have prepared for the Series 4 exam by reading the textbook fully, taken a large number of Series 4 practice exams and are having trouble mastering the information or are facing challenges applying the knowledge required by the Series 4 exam. Or,
  2. In addition to the Series 4 exam preparation detailed above you have taken the Series 4 exam and did not pass the test and you are scheduled to retake the Series 4 exam in the next few weeks. Or,
  3. You’re a industry veteran who is now being required to become registered and have a very limited amount of time to prepare for the 4 exam.

It Makes a Difference

Working one on one with a Series 4 tutor just prior to taking your Series 4 exam can make all the difference in the world. A Series 4 tutor will make sure you are focused, have mastered the Series 4 material and are confident in the application of the knowledge during your Series 4 exam. For Series 4 candidates who are getting ready to take the Series 4 exam for the first time or who have taken the Series 4 exam and missed passing the exam by 1 – 12 points, 4 – 8 hours of tutoring are usually enough to ensure you pass the Series 4 exam.

Series 4 Tutoring Case Study Number 1

The manager of a large OSJ left and a recent Series 4 candidate was being appointed as the new manager. The office had a large number of representatives and did a fair amount of option business. In order to get the promotion the candidate had to pass the Series 4 exam.The candidate had spent a significant amount of time preparing for the Series 4 exam. However, he was not able to master the more complex option strategies such as condors, butterflies and margin requirements for uncovered options. Most people who take the Series 4 exam have a good understanding of basic option strategies but have not encountered the more complicated positions.


One of our Series 4 instructors who developed a large portion of our options training material administered an evaluation exam and reviewed the candidate’s results. It became clear the calculation used to determine the margin requirement for uncovered options was presenting a significant challenge. The candidate was also unable to create and evaluate complicated option structures. Our instructor spent a total of four hours virtually tutoring this Series 4 candidate focusing on the math calculations and explaining how each leg of a butterfly spread was established. Once the sessions were complete the Series 4 candidate had a mastered the material and passed the Series 4 the following week.

Series 4 Tutoring Case Study Number 2

This Series 4 candidate was being promoted to become the head of a trading unit that used options to gain and to hedge exposure to the market. He had taken the exam two weeks earlier having prepared using another publisher’s materials.. He scored 64% on his first attempt to pass the Series 4 exam. He was looking forward to leading his department, but he could not be promoted until he passed the Series 4 exam.


One of our Series 4 instructors, who is a long tenured Chief Compliance Officer with a large option background, developed the training schedule. We sent the candidate a new Series 4 text book and assigned chapter readings and tests.. As part of his comprehensive training plan virtual training sessions were scheduled to review his chapter results and to provide the candidate with the opportunity to ask comprehensive questions. Once significant progress had been made in the assigned chapters, two four hour review sessions were then scheduled at the candidate’s location to ensure that he passed his Series 4 exam. The candidate took his exam Friday following his review and passed the Series 4 exam with a score of 82%.Heis now leading his trading unit .  

Series 4 Tutoring Case Study Number 3

An OSJ that previously had not done any significant option business had just recruited two new reps who did a significant amount of option trades for their institutional customer base. This Series 4 candidate needed to pass the Series 4 exam before the new representatives joined the office the following month. This Series 4 candidate had to hit the ground running and get ready pass the Series 4 exam ASAP.


We set this candidate up with our Series 4 exam software and sent him the Series 4 eBook as he wanted to be able to study on his phone and tablet when he was on the train. Our Series 4 tutor who had made markets in options on the floor of the AMEX set his study program up to read the textbook in the evenings and on the weekends. Our Series 4 instructor worked closely with him during the first two weeks, speaking on the phone answering questions, virtually reviewing his exam results and chapter test points. Our Series 4 tutor met with the candidate for a two day intense review of the material . The Series 4 tutor made sure that he had mastered the Series 4 concepts and was applying the knowledge effectively. The candidate passed the Series 4 exam the day after the final session and the two new reps joined the firm the following week.   Series 4 tutoring needs to be a customized training solution based on the needs of the individual candidate to be effective. Each Series 4 candidate has their own areas of strength and of weakness. By identifying the weak areas, improving comprehension, and guiding the candidate though the exam process, a Series 4 tutor can help ensure that you pass the Series 4 exam.

Series 4 Exam Textbook

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The "go to guide" to acing the Series 4 exam - Our Series 4 textbook provides you with the knowledge you need and is designed to get you ready to pass the Series 4 exam. The Wiley Series 4 textbook is packed with test tips, Series 4 sample questions and all the must know information you need to pass your exam. Our Series 4 textbook has been developed in partnership with John Wiley & Sons to ensure you have the absolute best Series 4 material.

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Series 4 Exam Prep Software

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Get unlimited access to our exam prep software 24 X 7 for 6 months. Take practice tests anytime, anywhere using any PC, Mac, Phone or Tablet. Create your own randomized quizzes - YOU select the topics, number of questions, how and when answers are revealed to you. Randomized finals let you know when you are ready to take the test. The Series 4 exam prep software is a must have product to ensure you have mastered the knowledge and are ready to pass your Series 4 exam.

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Series 4 Mobile Ebook

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If you want to access your material on the go, this is the study solution you have been waiting for. Our Wiley Series 4 Mobile Review is much more than simply an Ebook and far more accessible than a PDF. For the first time students, may study anytime, anywhere. Our Mobile Learning Library lets students interact with the content in a high quality and dynamic environment. Students preparing for the Series 4 exam may study online or via a downloadable app for your smartphone or tablet. Now you can take your textbook anywhere you can take your phone or tablet - on a plane, train or beach. If you want to make notes in the mobile version - no problem - you may create highlights, take notes, write down questions, and reminders. Want to see what other students are doing? Then join a study group and share highlights, notes, questions, test tips and ideas with each other.

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Series 4 Textbook & Exam Prep Software

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