Series 66 Study Guide

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Series 66 Exam Textbook

This textbook is the best of the best. Formatted so the knowledge builds from chapter to chapter. The goal here is not just to learn the material, but to master it. So you can apply the knowledge when you sit for the real exam. Our Series 66 Exam Textbook is packed from cover to cover with details, tips, facts, data and hundreds of sample questions. This is much more than another book. It’s a well designed text created to help you pass the Series 66 Exam. As you study, this textbook should form the foundation of your efforts. It is the ideal starting point for all candidates and is an indispensable tool. And best of all, we pay to send this perfect bound college quality textbook to your home or office.


  • Paperback.
  • 324 pages.
  • 256 test questions .
  • Updated January 2024.
  • Free Shipping.

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