SIE and Series 57 Complete Self-Study Solution

The first step in becoming a licensed Securities Trader is passing the Securities industry Essentials exam. Once an individual has successfully completed the SIE exam, to become registered as a Securities Trader the individual must also successfully complete the series 57 exam. This is why we have created our SIE and series 57 complete study solution.  The SIE exam willl develop your base knowledge of equity and debt securities and provide you with a basic understanding of  stock market operations.  The series 57 exam will test your knowledge of detailed facts covering the operations of markets, options, handling customer limit orders and a multitude of questions regarding NASDAQ systems. Our Best in Class training tools will ensure that you  ace both exams on your first try.  The SIE series 57 training package contains the following study material:



  • SIE Video Training Class - 15 hours.
  • Series 57 Video Training Class - 16 hours.
  • SIE Exam Textbook - 400 pages.
  • SIE Exam Ebook - 400 pages.
  • Series 57 Exam Textbook - 526 pages.
  • Series 57 Exam Ebook - 526 pages.
  • SIE Question Bank 1.100 Questions.
  • Series 57 Question Bank 1.100 Questions.
  • Checkpoint Exams .
  • GreenLight Exams .
  • GreenLight Pass Guarantee.
  • Free Shipping.
  • Instant unlimited access for 6 months.
  • Updated December 2023.

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