How to prepare for the exam using the series 7 textbook

How to prepare for the exam using the series 7 textbook

Sitting down to prepare for the Series 7 Exam can seem like a daunting task when students open up a 600-page textbook.  Many test-takers don’t know how to schedule their time nor how to begin to read through the text. Here we provide some best practices to help you prepare for the Series 7 Exam and how to manage your time efficiently in order to read the book completely and thoroughly.

While everyone learns in a different way, everyone must start by reading the series 7 textbook. You should find a place that is quiet where you will not be interrupted by work, family or social obligations. Yes that means turning your phone off. We recommend breaking down your reading into 60- 90 minute sessions. Do not do monster “cram sessions”, take breaks, put the book down for a while, rest, get something to eat, go to the gym, whatever you want to do just to give your mind a rest

Read the series 7 textbook when you are alert! For each person that is a different time of day. Some of us are morning people, others are night owls. Only you know when you are the most alert and capable of absorbing the material.

What to have when you read your series 7 textbook

We recommend having a highlighter, a notebook, a calculator and something to drink. (coffee, water.. not Scotch)

Use your highlighter to highlight the points you want to revisit later. Take notes, use your notebook to write down the concepts and work out practice questions. Writing things down will help you remember them and will keep you organized. Use your calculator to work out the math. Even if the math is easy to do in your head, force yourself to use the calculator to ensure you don’t make a simple math error. This will make sure you stay disciplined with your math when you take the series 7 exam for real. Do not do any math in your head when you take the exam. The series 7 is a long test and fatigue or stress may cause you to make a simple math error. This can be the difference between passing and failing the exam if you are close.

Pay attention to what the series 7 textbook is telling you is important. The book will let you know what some of the most important concepts are. Test Points , Focus Points, and examples are all there for a reason, it means this stuff is important and you will see it on your exam.

How much time should I spend reading the series textbook?

We recommend you spend 40-50 hours of your total exam prep reading the series 7 textbook. Your total prep time for the series 7 exam should be 60 – 100 hours.

Don’t Make This Mistake

Hundreds of people fail their exams every day because they used a textbook that someone gave them from a year ago or purchased materials from a low cost internet site. The material being tested is complex and constantly changing. So having a textbook that has been purchased from a professional level publisher within the last few months is absolutely critical to your success. Wiley is the largest publisher of financial information in the world. Do not fail your exam because a rule or two has been changed and the change was not covered in the outdated materials.

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 Good luck on your exam!

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