Series 55 Exam

What is a Series 55 Exam

The Series 55 Exam is designed to test those individuals who wish to work as an Equity Trader. This is not a stand-alone exam and candidates must be aware of the required prerequisites before they register for the Series 55. The Series 55 Exam focuses on testing individual knowledge in the areas of:

The following outlines test topics and questions for the Series 55 Exam:

  • NASDAQ Market and Market Maker Activities – 42 Questions
  • NASDAQ Execution / Trading System – 12 Questions
  • Trade Reporting Requirements – 22 Questions
  • General Industry Standards – 24 Questions

The Series 55 Exam is a 100 question multiple-choice exam that must be completed within 3 hours. This exam is administered year round at Prometrics and Pearson testing centers and costs $105.00. Please note that the $105.00 only covers the cost of the exam and there will be other fees involved in the testing process. The Series 55 Exam is required for many individuals working in the securities field who are trading equity and convertible debt on a proprietary basis. Successfully passing this exam requires a score of 70% or better.

SecuritiesCE Explains Series 55 Exam

Please note that individuals wishing to sit for the Series 55 Exam must first pass either the Series 62 or the Series 7 exam.

Also while this exam is available year round, it cannot be taken on Sundays. Please keep this in mind as you schedule your test and choose your testing location.

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