Definition of The North American Securities Administrators’ Association

The North American Securities Administrators’ Association is a body of state regulators each of whom is responsible for administering the provisions of the Uniform Securities Act within their state. Together they make up an advisory committee that refine and amend the Uninform Securities Act through the adoption of module rules and policy statements.

Applying "The North American Securities Administrators’ Association" to Securities Exams:

NASAA is also responsible for creating the content tested on the series 63, 65 and 66 exams. Some of the more testable concepts relating to NASAA’s model rules and policy statements include the following:

  1. Policy statement detailing dishonest and unethical business practices of broker dealers and agents
  2. Policy statement relating to dishonest sales practices relating to the sale of investment company products by broker dealers and agents
  3. Policy statement detailing requirements for broker dealers conducting business on the premises of other financial (banking) institutions
  4. Model Rule covering unethical business practices of investment advisers
  5. Model Rule detailing requirements for investment advisers who Maintain custody of client funds

NASAA exams can be very challenging click on the number of the series you are taking for additional exam resources Series 63, 65 66

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