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Series 7 & 79 Complete Study Solution

More and more broker dealers are requiring their bankers to pass both the series 7 and series 79 exams. That is why we have created our series 7 and 79 training package. Designed to fully prepare professionals to pass both exams as quickly and efficiently as possible. This comprehensive training program contains all of the study material needed to get up to speed and become fully licensed. Having passed the SIE , many students ask which exam should be taken first, the series 7 or 79? If your employing firm does not mandate which exam is to be taken first, many students opt to take the series 7 next. Most students find its content is more similar to the base information contained in the SIE. However, which top off exam to take first is entirely up to you. Those who have backgrounds more aligned with the content tested on the series 79 opt to take that exam first. No matter what exam you take first we have you covered. Our series 7 and 79 package contains the following study materials:


  • Series 7 Exam Study Guide, 624 pages .
  • Series 7 ebook, 624 pages .
  • Series 7 test bank, 2,200 questions.
  • Series 7 video class 20 hours.
  • Series 79 Exam Study Guide, 312 pages .
  • Series 79 ebook, 312 pages .
  • Series 79 test bank, 1,000 questions.
  • 6 months unlimited access.
  • Updated April 2024.
  • Free Shipping.

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