SIE and Series 99 Complete Study Solution

SIE and Series 99 Complete Study Solution
SIE and Series 99 Complete Study Solution
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SIE and Series 99 Complete Study Solution

SIE Video Training Class - 15 hours

Series 99 Video Training Class - 13 hours

SIE Exam Ebook 2024 - 400 pages

SIE Exam Textbook 2024- 400 pages

Series 99 Eam Ebook 2024 - 400 pages

Series 99 Exam Textbook 2024 - 432 pages

SIE Question Bank 1.100 Questions

Series 99 Question Bank 1.000 Questions

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Updated February 2024

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About the SIE and Series 99 Complete Study Solution

We have created the SIE and Series 99 Complete training course to get you passed both exams, Quickly. In fact, students report passing both exams 3 months faster. When compared to other training programs. Meticulously crafted using state of the art technology. Our SIE exam review course guides you through your preparation. Our SIE and Series 99 training uses proven study methods to produce exceptional results. Our writers and instructors are SIE and Series 99 exam experts with hundreds of years of combined industry experience. Every learning tool we offer is in this package to ensure you have the advantage on exam day.  Our textbooks and videos work seamlessly together. Every chapter is accompanied by video training lectures. Television quality training classes providing:


  • More detail on the topics contained in the chapter
  • Real world examples
  • Test feedback from students
  • Information about how the topics in the chapter are tested on the actual exam
  • Exam tips and tricks for mastering concepts and answering questions   


Our videos are filmed in a multimillion dollar newsroom. Each video is followed by a quiz to test the immediate retention of the information.


The SIE and Series 99 training program follows a logical progression. Students are guided through material step by step. Building core knowledge by:


  1. Reading the chapter in the textbook
  2. Taking the chapter quiz in the textbook
  3. Watching the corresponding video class lectures
  4. Taking the video section quiz 


Test Banks 


Our test banks allow students to customize the learning experience So you can  create tests to match your  learning style. Practice exams may be customized in more than 15 ways some of the options that students may select:


  1. The topics 
  2. How many questions to take 
  3. How and when to show answers
  4. Show explanations while looking at the questions 
  5. Mark questions for review 
  6. Take notes on questions 
  7. Show questions not seen yet
  8. Show questions answered wrong 
  9. Show questions marked for review 
  10. And more 


Our simulated final exams are all randomized with a click of the button, nothing is static. The tests also randomized the answer choices in the questions. This extra level of randomization helps ensure students do not memorize answers.  Final exams mirror the style, content and difficulty of the actual exam. The exams are timed. Just like the real SIE and Series 99 exams. At the end of the test students receive a comprehensive report showing: 


  1. Overall score 
  2. Score in each category 
  3. Every question is taken. Including the question, answer choices, student’s answer, and the explanation


Score History and reporting 


Every quiz and test completed is available for your review at any time. Select the test or quiz from your score history menu to show the complete exam all on one page. The report will display:


  1. Your score
  2. Your score in each section
  3. Every question taken. Including all answer choices, your answer, the correct answer and full explanation


Exam Plan Study Calendar


Our ExamPlan study calendar creates a customized study plan for each student.  Students select the days they wish to study. And the number of hours in each day.  Based on the amount of study time he / she has, the calendar creates a step by step study plan. The calendar assigns:


  • Every chapter to read
  • Every video lecture to watch
  • Every quiz and test to take


Based on the number of days and hours selected, the study calendar sets a target test date. Students receive emails in the morning each day they have assignments to complete.  This helps keep students on track. If a student already has a test date, he / she can plug it in. And the calendar will create a customized study plan based on that date.


Physical Textbooks and Online Ebooks


Our SIE and Series 99 course comes with both a perfect bound physical textbooks and online ebooks. We ship your physical books free of charge. You will receive a UPS tracking number so you know when to expect your delivery. 


Instant Online Access


You will receive your username and password instantly upon placing your order. You may access all of your online training immediately upon enrolling. Follow the login instructions and in your homeroom you will see your: 


  1. Online ebooks
  2. Video training classes
  3. Test banks
  4. ExamPlan study calendar  


Greenlight Money Back Pass Guarantee


Our Greenlight guarantee is  simple. Pass the Greenlight exam within 5 days of your actual  exam. If you are not successful on exam day, we will refund the cost of your training materials.