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SIE, Series 79 and 63 Complete study solution

This is it, our most complete and comprehensive training package for all three exams. This package has proven to be so effective, that students who enroll, report becoming fully licensed more than 3 months faster when compared to other study options. You will be ready to take on your new duties as an investment banking representative having passed the SIE, series 79 and 63 exams. You will receive 3 video training classes with more than 25 hours of newsroom quality video training, More than 3,000 exam questions to ensure you have mastered even the most complex questions, and 3 college quality textbooks. Once enrolled, you will receive instant access to all of your online training materials. An email with your tracking number will be sent to you so you know when your hard copy textbooks will arrive. This training package includes:


  • SIE Exam Study Guide.
  • SIE Exam Test Bank, 1,000 Questions .
  • SIE Online Video Class.
  • SIE Mobile Ebook.
  • Series 79 Exam Study Guide.
  • Series 79 Exam Test Bank, 1,000 Questions.
  • Series 79 Online Video Class.
  • Series 79 Mobile Ebook.
  • Series 63 Exam Study Guide.
  • Series 63 Exam Test Bank, 800 questions.
  • Series 63 Online Video Class.
  • Series 63 Mobile Ebook.
  • Updated April 2024.
  • Exam Plan Study Calendar.
  • Free Standard Shipping.
  • 6 months unlimited access .

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