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Series 10 Mobile eBook

Over time we have found that many of our clients prefer to learn in a digital, mobile format. These individuals are busy. They typically don’t have a block of time during each day they can devote specifically to studying, but instead have to find time throughout their day to learn the material. This is why they prefer the ease of an eBook rather than the bulk of a textbook. But for us, a long clunky pdf just wasn’t an option. If we were going to take our content to a digital format it needed to offer our clients something new and different that they had never experienced before. That is why our Mobile Learning Library was born. These mobile eBooks are a new era in exam prep. They are fully interactive and allow students to take notes, highlight text, ask questions and even form study groups without ever leaving their exam prep materials. Plus, with a platform that is available on all major mobile devices, your study materials are as close as your tablet or smartphone. You can literally study anytime, anywhere with all the benefit of a pen and paper built right into the file. If you are looking to push your exam prep to the next level then this is definitely the option you’ve been waiting for.


  • IOS .
  • Android .
  • Updated May 2024 fully updated for T+1.

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