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Series 24 Mobile eBook

The reality of today’s world is that most of us are mobile more than we aren’t. Tablets have become a necessity and Smart Phones are our constant companions. Knowing this it is no surprise that many of our participants prefer working with an eBook rather than a heavy printed text. But, we weren’t happy with a cumbersome PDF that was difficult to work with and bulky to download. Instead we took a different approach. Our Series 24 Mobile eBook is a fully interactive mobile learning library. The environment is designed to be dynamic and allows participants to highlight, take notes and even join a study group of their peers. You can ask questions, get testing tips and even share ideas without ever exiting the mobile app. This is truly the next generation of exam prep right from the comfort of your very own Smart Phone!


  • IOS.
  • Android.
  • Kindle FIRE HD .
  • Kindle FIRE HDX.
  • Nook HD.
  • Nook HD +.
  • Updated May 2022.