Series 26 Ebook

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Series 26 Mobile eBook

Are you ready to experience the next evolution in exam preparation? Then the Series 26 Mobile eBook is exactly what you’ve been waiting for! So much more than just another bulky pdf, this format is fully interactive and will allow you to experience the material like never before. Now you can leave the textbook at home as you access your study guide right from your mobile device. And with our Mobile Lending Library you can take notes, highlight text and even ask questions without ever leaving the app or moving away from the material. The best part? With our Series 26 Mobile eBook you are now connected to other users who are working towards the exact same goal. The eBook even allows you to reach out to each other and form study groups. With no ties to geography your group can share testing tips and best practices as you motivate each other and work to build the confidence of the group as a whole.


  • IOS .
  • Android.
  • Updated May 2023.
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