Series 3 Exam Prep Software

For many individuals having the opportunity to practice the exam and study the type of questions they will be asked is an invaluable study tool. We understand this fact and have created the Series 3 Exam Software to fill this need

This software is designed to mimic the testing environment in that no two practice tests will be the same. Instead of offering you the same format over and over again, questions are selected at random from a large bank of test proven questions. This helps you to effectively prepare for your Series 3 exam as you never know what question will be offered next. Plus, you have the ability to direct the testing to focus on specific testing areas. By defining the types of questions you are asked you can increase your mastery of specific topics and ensure that your efforts have covered every possible aspect of the exam

With the Series 3 Exam Software you have the ability to prepare for your exam anytime day or night. This package gives you full access to the software for a full 6 months and is available on all major browsers and mobile devices. You may select the topics, how and when answers are revealed to you and even set the software up so you may click a button while looking at the question to review the explanation before you move on. Randomized simulated finals are just a click or tap away and are created automatically for you by the software program.

Many candidates find that effectively preparing for their Series 3 Exam requires a mix of our available preparation options. To fill this need we have created a series of pre-designed packages that represent our most frequent combinations. This allows you to get everything you need to prepare for your exam in one spot and at a significantly reduced price


  • Over 850 questions.
  • Works with all major browsers and mobile devices.
  • Updated February 2022 .