Series 57 Complete Self Study Solution

If you are getting ready to trade for your firm or on leverage, you must pass the series 57 exam. These training tools will get you ready for the opening bell. Our most comprehensive offering for students who are serious about passing . The regulations on NASDAQ order handling and reporting can be difficult to master. Our Series 57 exam prep program will break it all down for you and make it easy to understand. NASDAQ traders have created this best in class solution for series 57 test takers. The online video class walks you through your book, chapter by chapter. Adding real world and practical examples to your study text. The series 57 test bank helps make you a master at applying the knowledge, getting you ready for exam day. The GreenLight exam ensures you have what it takes to ace the series 57 exam. In fact, if you pass the GreenLight exam and do not pass your test we will refund your money.


  • Series 57 Textbook - 490 pages.
  • Series 57 Ebook - 490 pages.
  • Series 57 Practice Exams 1,200 questions.
  • Series 57 Online Video Class - 16 hours.
  • Free Shipping.
  • Updated December 2023.
  • Unlimited access to videos and test bank for 6 months.

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