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Series 57 Mobile eBook

Over the years our clients have shared a growing desire for a mobile learning platform. Their lives are constantly on the go and many of them study throughout their day rather than blocking off a significant portion of time to focus on absorbing the facts. Based on their needs we knew it was time to come up with a new solution. That is why we created our Mobile Lending Library and our Series 57 Mobile eBook. This approach is something completely new. Far more than just another bulky pdf, this content is fully interactive and user friendly. Our users are able to highlight text as they read, take notes in the margin and write out questions. You can also connect with other users around the country who are preparing for the Series 57 Exam and create study groups to help each other master the material. This does wonders for improving confidence and sharing those key details that lead to success. And the best part? It’s available anywhere! With the Series 57 Mobile eBook you have full access to the entire process right from the comfort of your own mobile device.


  • IOS.
  • Android.
  • Kindle FIRE HD.
  • Kindle FIRE HDX.
  • Nook HD.
  • Nook HD +.
  • Updated =February 2022.