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Series 6 Online Video Class

Studies have shown that different people tend to learn better through different types of input. Some people need to hear information in order to learn it. Others need to work with the data before they master the topic. And still others need to see the facts if they want to retain what they are studying. We understand this need and strive to create products that help all types of learners not only memorize the facts, but actually master the material to a point where it can be applied. This is why we created the Series 6 Online Video Class. We know that some people learn better in a visual format. They need someone to actually “teach” them the information rather than continue to read and study on their own. Our series 6 online classes are fully interactive and are designed so the student has full access to the teacher. We encourage them to email their instructor and to also take advantage of all the extra tools that are included with this package. Such as the onscreen presentations, displayed in the video next to the instructor which are designed to help enforce key points and enhance retention. The series 6 video class is shot in full HD. The 10 hours of video training follows our textbooks chapter by chapter and will let you know exactly what is being tested on the series 6 exam and how it is being tested. NO voice over PowerPoints here.  Our series 6 video class like all of our products can be accessed anytime and anywhere on any mobile device, tablet or computer.


  • 24 x 7 access for 6 months.
  • Fully interactive.
  • 10 hours of instruction.

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