Series 79 Textbook

Series 79 Textbook
Series 79 Textbook

Series 79 Textbook

312 pages

Updated May 2024 fully updated for T+1

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About the Series 79 Exam Review Guide

This best-in-class series 79 exam prep study guide details everything you need to know. Designed  to ensure your success on the series 79 exam. Written by the experts at The Securities Institute of America. This exam review guide will make you a master of all things tested on your series 79 exam.  This textbook provides extraordinary detail covering:


  • Discounted cash flow
  • Financial analysis
  • PEG ratios
  • Pro Forma financial statements
  • Deferred tax issues 
  • Weighted average cost of capital
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Compiling the confidential information memorandum
  • Creating a data room
  • Bid evaluation
  • Tender offers
  • Financial restructuring
  • SEC Reporting 
  • Regulation M-A
  • Cross border complications 
  • And more


The Series 79 Exam Study Guide  arms you with everything you need to pass this 75-question test. Designed to build your knowledge of all areas covered in the exam. It provides:


  • Dozens of examples based on real student feedback
  • Hundreds of practice questions for each subject area covered in the exam
  • Priceless test-taking tips and strategies
  • Helpful hints on how to study for the test, manage stress, and stay focused. 


The Series 79 Exam Study Guide is your ticket to passing the Series 79 test. On the first try—with flying colors!