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This SIE and series 99 exam training package is the perfect study solution for candidates seeking to become fully licensed as a registered operations  professional.  Almost 30 hours of studio quality video training will ensure you are a master of every topic presented on your SIE and series 99 exams.  College quality textbooks provide countless examples, focus points, test tips and comprehensive coverage for every learning objective tested on your exams. Answering questions on your actual exam will be a breeze after going through the several thousand questions available in our test banks. The SIE series 99 study package contains the following:


  • SIE Video Training Class - 15 hours.
  • Series 99 Video Training Class - 13 hours.
  • SIE Exam Review Ebook - 400 pages.
  • SIE Exam Review Textbook - 400 pages.
  • Series 99 Eam Review Ebook - 400 pages.
  • Series 99 Exam Review Textbook - 432 pages.
  • SIE Question Bank 1.100 Questions.
  • Series 99 Question Bank 1.000 Questions.
  • Checkpoint Exams.
  • GreenLight Exam .
  • GreenLight Pass Guarantee.
  • Free Shipping.
  • Instant unlimited access for 6 months.
  • Updated September 2021.

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