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Securities Industry Essentials Exam Review Guide

Our SIE Exam Review Guide is a well crafted physical textbook that forms the foundations for our exam prep process. More than just another study guide to sit in the corner and gather dust, this comprehensive text provides you with an in-depth review of all material covered on the Essentials Exam. It’s your go-to guide and its available here straight from the source.

This guide is designed to build your knowledge. This means more than just listing facts and sharing information, it’s about cementing your understanding of the material so you can move forward with both the exam and your career. Laid out in a clear step-by-step format, the SIE Exam Review Guide is designed to be logical and easy to follow right from the very beginning. The idea is to help your knowledge build each time you sit down to study. With one topic leading into the next until you are ready to successfully sit for the Securities Industry Essentials Exam.

Plus, our SIE Review Guide is jam packed with reference guides, testing tips, sample test questions and real world examples just like you will see on the exam its self. Truly this industry leading product is exactly what you would expect to see from John Wiley & Sons. Our goal is always to provide our customers with the top of the line exam prep products and this text clearly reflects that commitment.


  • Updated January 2024.
  • Packed with test tips and Examples.
  • 400 Pages.
  • Free Shipping.

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