Definition of Series 62 Exam

The Series 62 Exam which is no long offered by FINRA was designed to test those individuals seeking to become limited registered representatives in the field of corporate equity and debt securites.

Candidates must now take a smaller 125-question series 7 exam. Click for Series 7 Study materials


the series 22 direct participation program exam click for series 22 study materials

The exam tested the candidate’s knowledge in the areas of:

  • Corporate Equities
  • Bond Markets
  • Security Analysis and Characteristics
  • Industry Regulations
  • Handling of Customer Accounts

The following outlines test topics and questions for the Series 62 Exam:

  • Characteristics of Corporate Securities – 25 questions
  • Valuing Corporate Securities – 14 questions
  • Market for Corporate Securities – 40 questions
  • Handling Customer Accounts – 36 questions

This exam was administered year round at Prometrics and Pearson testing centers and costs $90.00. It was a 115 question multiple-choice exam that must be completed within 150 minutes. The Series 62 Exam was required for many individuals working in the securities field. Successfully passing this exam required a score of 70% or better.

Applying "Series 62 Exam" to Securities Exams:

Please note that the Series 62 Exam had a much more limited scope than the Series 7 exam. Once this exam had been successfully completed candidates could then act as limited registered representatives and have the option to trade in corporate bonds, equities, some asset-backed securities and preferred stocks. What they cannot do is trade in those open end funds registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940. This would include securities such as open-ended mutual funds.

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