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Series 79 and 63 Complete Self Study Solution

As an aspiring investment banker needing to become fully licensed, this is the training package for you. It contains all of the study material you need to pass both the series 79 and series 63 exams. College quality textbooks build the foundation of your knowledge. Each chapter has one or more video training classes that provide you with even more detail covering the information contained in the reading.  Challenging series 79 concepts and calculations are broken down into easily understandable examples, providing you with step by step instructions on how to master each detail. A large series 79 test bank helps you practice applying what you have learned. All questions have complete explanations to ensure comprehension. When it comes time to pass the series 63 exam, you will be provided with the same comprehensive training tools in order to understand the application of NASA’s rules and regulations. The video training will increase your knowledge of the information contained in the reading and will make the sometimes confusing regulations easy to apply on test day. Our series 79 and 63 complete package includes the following study material:


  • Series 79 Exam Review Guide, 312 pages .
  • Series 79 Exam Prep Software, 1.000 questions.
  • Series 79 Online Video Class, 11 hours.
  • Series 79 Mobile Ebook, 312 pages.
  • Series 63 Exam Review Guide, 215 pages.
  • Series 63 Exam Prep Software, 800 questions.
  • Series 63 Online Video Class, 4 hours .
  • Series 63 Mobile Ebook, 215 pages.
  • Exam Plan Study Calendar.
  • Free Standard Shipping.
  • 6 months unlimited access.
  • Updated April 2024.

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