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If you are looking to master all things series 79, this is the study material for you. Our most comprehensive offering, designed to leave no stone unturned and to ensure you know exactly what to expect on exam day. More than 11 hours of newsroom quality video filmed in a state of the art studio, provides you with invaluable examples of how to set up and answer the most challenging questions. Our video class lectures work hand in hand with our textbook, following along chapter by chapter and providing you with more detail regarding how topics are being tested on the actual exam. Best of all, the videos include the feedback from countless students. Our series 79 test bank will help you become an expert at working through the tough questions and arriving at the correct answer. Full rationales ensure you understand how to arrive at the correct answer for each question.


  • Series 79 textbook 2022 - 312 pages .
  • Series 79 Ebook 2022 - 312 pages .
  • Series 79 video training class -11 hours, 11 sections, 11 section tests.
  • Series 79 test bank - 1,000 questions.
  • Instant 6 month online access .
  • Exam Plan Study Calendar.
  • Updated May 2022.
  • Free shipping .