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Series 79 Exam Question Test Bank

Let’s face it, the series 79 is not an easy exam. You must be able to work through complicated formulas and be able to apply challenging concepts. Our series 79 test bank will ensure you know what to expect on exam day and that you are ready to pass. More than 800 comprehensive test questions will ensure that you can handle even the most complex valuation and financial analysis scenarios presented on the series 79. Our questions have been written by Certified Financial Analysts and series 79 test experts, based on the feedback from hundreds of test takers. Comprehensive explanations and formulas make sure you understand the exact rationale for the correct answer to further your comprehension. Create randomized simulated final exams with the click of a button or create your own topic focused quiz to pinpoint the exact areas you want to focus on. More than 15 ways to select questions and to customize your exams to match your learning style, including the ability to show the explanations while working through the questions.


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  • More than 800 questions.
  • Updated April 2024.
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