Series 79 Textbook and Test bank

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There are two skills every prospective investment banker must possess in order to pass the series 79 exam. The first, is a comprehensive understanding of the complicated topics that will be presented to you on exam day. The second, is an absolute mastery of the ability to apply your knowledge to complex questions. Our series 79 textbook and exam prep software package will ensure you have both the knowledge and the skill to work through tough exam topics to quickly identify the key to the question and to choose the correct answer. As you read through the chapter you will be presented with examples and exam based scenarios you must master. Every chapter is packed with examples and ends with a comprehensive chapter quiz. You may then login to the test bank to take chapter focused practice questions aligned to each chapter. As you move through the textbook you will build your understanding of the challenging concepts and become more confident in your ability to answer the questions correctly. Once you have completed your reading you can take random simulated final exams with the click of a button. These simulated final exams are designed to mirror the style, content and difficulty level of the actual series 79 exam. Every question in the test bank contains completed and detailed explanations to ensure you understand how the correct answer was reached.


  • Textbook 312 pages .
  • More than 800 questions.
  • 6 month instant access from any device. .
  • Works with all major browsers.
  • Updated May 2022.
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