Series 9 Video Class

Series 9 Video Class
Series 9 Video Class
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Series 9 Video Class

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About The Series 9 Video Class

Our Series 9 Online lectures are a master class. A must for all test takers. Designed to ensure you are ready for exam day. Expertly crafted and filmed in a state of the art newsroom. Our instructors guide you through each test point, topic by topic. Our online Series 9 class features:


  • 4 hours of television quality video covering all sections of the Series 9 exam
  • 4 Section tests to ensure comprehension of the material covered in each lecture
  • Cheat sheets to help you master the material
  • Test tips video detailing the best test taking techniques and strategies
  • Instant online access
  • Unlimited enrollment for 6 months


Our video class is the perfect way to top off your exam preparation. Regardless of how you have started your studies.