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The Securities Institute introduces our brand new series 79 video class. We have created this training class to be the most effective and comprehensive Series 79 training available anywhere. An expert instructor guides you through all of the concepts and calculations you need to know to pass the series 79 exam

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Series 79 Online Video Class

We have just released our brand new series 79 video class to help prepare prospective investment bankers to become fully licensed . Our team of expert instructors and writers  have worked countless hours to bring you the best series 79 video training class available. We have spared no expense when it comes to the quality of our production, employing only the best film, editing, camera and sound crews to make your class experience second to none. More than 11 hours of video training cover everything from deferred tax issues and the impact of converting securities on the income statement to calculating enterprise value and free cash flow. The class is broken up into 11 sections each immediately followed by a topic focused quiz to test your knowledge of the information contained in the video training. Our video training class walks you through each and every calculation step by step to ensure you have mastered how to employ the data provided to calculate the correct answer. Knowing how to use the information in the question is the key to passing the series 79 exam. In our class we work through multiple exam based scenarios using different data so you know how to calculate the correct answer no matter what data is presented to you on the test. Our class is designed to follow our textbooks chapter by chapter and to provide you with more information regarding the information contained in the book. But no matter what book you are reading, our series 79 class will make you an expert and take your knowledge and confidence to the next level.   Our series 79 class covers the following topics:

  • Section 1 -Equity Securities  
  • Section 2 – Debt Securities   
  • Section 3 – Issuing Securities  
  • Section 4- Mergers and Acquisitions  
  • Section 5 – M and A Analysis 
  • Section 6 – Tender offers and Financial Restructuring  
  • Section 7 – SEC Reporting Rules and Regulations 
  • Section 8 – Financial Analysis  
  • Section 9 – Valuation Part 1  
  • Section 10 – Valuation Part 2  
  • Section 11 – Test taking Tips and Strategies 

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