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Online SIE Exam Training Class

Be expertly guided through every topic you need to master to pass your SIE exam. Our SIE video class was shot in a multimillion-dollar newsroom and puts all the information you need right at your fingertips. More than 12 hours of HD video instruction detailing every facet that you will be tested on on your SIE exam. This video lecture provides you with the information you need to be confident and successful on test day. From this course you will learn what is tested, how it is tested and how you need to answer questions on your exam. This video lecture incorporates feedback from hundreds of SIE students. Our video classes are accessible on any device and allow students  to  pause, rewind, fast-forward, set the screen size and control the speed at which the video plays. This SIE video class is an exceptional compliment to any study program and will increase your understanding and raise your score on exam day.  



  • Receive insight on how each topic tested on your exam.
  • Real world feedback from hundreds of successful SIE exam test takers.
  • Learn how to identify what the question is asking.
  • Learn how to identify the key to choosing the correct answer.
  • Receive priceless test tips and test taking strategies and much more .
  • Updated February 2022.
  • Every Section ends with a Quiz.
  • Unlimited access for 6 months.