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Free Series 65 Sample Exam Questions

Taking series 65 practice questions is a must when preparing for the series 65 exam. You must simulate the testing experience and master the application of the information. Sample questions should mirror the style and difficulty of actual test questions. This is an important key to a passing score.

Series 65 questions are written by the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA). The State Securities Administrators like to write questions that contain extraneous information. Test takers must be able to decipher the question. Identifying information that is irrelevant and eliminating it. Using only the key information allows students to select the correct answer.

Series 65 Test tip. Read the question carefully to understand the information presented. Do not rush to the end and try to select an answer. We recommend that series 65 candidates read the question twice. The first time, to identify key information and to understand what the question is asking. The second time is when you read the question with the intention to answer it.

A point of caution. Many test questions do not have the answer choice the candidate wants. In fact, many questions force the candidate to select the least bad answer. This fact causes a lot of confusion for the candidate. Test takers are often puzzled that the common sense answer does not appear in the answer key. Nor does the answer that would be available in the “real world”.

Our proven series 65 exam secrets show you how to address these questions.

Here is another area where series 65 students struggle. How to choose the most appropriate answer. This is a frequent issue when more than one answer seems to be correct. Effective evaluation of the two remaining answers is the key. But how to select the most correct answer. Our series 65 training course has countless examples of how to deal with this very situation.

The series 65 exam has 130-multiple choice questions. The exam has a time limit of 3 hours. Each series 65 exam will have practice questions that are not graded. Most exams will have 10 of these questions. The exams add time to the test to reflect the time required to answer these questions.

The series 65 exam has a passing score of 70 %. The exam center will provide a test report at the end of the exam. Students will only receive a numeric grade if they fail the test. Successful completion of the exam results in a grade of “pass”.

Test your knowledge with this free series 65 practice question test. See if you are ready to pass NASAA’s Series 65 Uniform Investment Adviser Law Exam.These are a small sample of our latest questions, study resources and online exams.

Our series 65 study material will ensure your success on exam day. Complete with a comprehensive physical textbook, Video lectures and challenging test banks. We are so confident in our series 65 training course. that we offer you a money back greenlight pass guarantee.

  • 10 multiple choice answers
  • 15 minutes exam time
  • 70% mark is needed to pass
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