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Series 65 Mobile eBook

Some of our students find that they need access to their Series 65 Textbook throughout their day but find it difficult and bulky to carry around. This is why we have created the Series 65 Mobile eBook. The eBook has every feature and benefit of the textbook plus several more upgrades that simply can’t be packed into the printed form. This Mobile eBook is much more than just another PDF, it’s a fully interactive format that encourages our students to interact with the content in a new dynamic environment. With this cutting edge option our students can literally prepare for their exam anytime, anywhere. As an extra feature our Series 65 Mobile eBook is available online or via our downloadable app. Meaning you will have full access to your content on your computer, tablet or mobile device! Find a key fact you need to highlight? No problem! The eBook allows you to take notes, write down questions, highlight and even set reminders directly in the text. No need to open another app! You also have the option to check in with other students and join a virtual study group. This allows you to share tips and ideas with others who are preparing right along with you. Find inspiration or extra help from your peers as you prepare to successfully pass the Series 65 Exam.


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  • Kindle FIRE HD.
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  • Nook HD.
  • Nook HD +.
  • Updated February 2022.