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The Securities Institute is excited to announce the launch of our brand new video class study preparation option! Designed to be the most effective and comprehensive Series 99 Video class on the market today, this course will walk you step by step through the study process.

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Series 99 Video Class

Sitting for the Series 99 Exam can be an exciting decision for your career. It opens up new avenues of business and allows you to advance towards the future you envision. However, before you can step into your new role, you must study for (and pass!) the Series 99.

With that in mind the Securities Institute is pleased to announce our new Series 99 Videos. Shot in amazing high definition and packed with content from beginning to end, these videos are sure to take your preparation efforts to the next level as they challenge you and present the content in a brand new way. The format is simple. Each video follows along carefully with the Series 99 Textbook. But, instead of working through the material on your own, using the video approach allows you the benefit of a skilled teacher presenting the facts and explaining them in a relevant way.

Imagine not having to force your way through the material on your own. Now, instead of going solo you can use these videos as your guide as you find out what information will be covered on the test and how you should prepare to answer the relevant questions. And it’s all packed into a well-formatted video delivery system that is available 24 hours a day and can be viewed on any device. Our Series 99 Videos even offer a series of predesigned chapter tests that will help you check for both understanding and retention.

At the Securities Institute our entire program is designed to work in harmony and to help you not just understand the concepts presented but to truly master them. The goal is not to just learn facts, figures and data. We want you to gain new skill sets and truly master and apply the material like never before. Each Series 99 Video highlights key concepts, tables and formulas. Then, to make things even easier to follow, test points are all outlined to help with note taking. The idea is to help your knowledge build from one tool to the next as each piece of the system works in harmony.

We know that successfully passing the Series 99 requires a great deal of both time and dedication on your part. We understand this journey and want to help however we can. So if you have a question about our Series 99 Videos, or about any of our market leading products, please feel free to reach out at any time. We are happy to help in any way that we can.

Series 99 Online Video Class

24 x 7 access for 6 months    Fully interactive

Our all new series 99 video class is hands down the best series 99 online class in the market today.
Shot in state of the art high definition with key concepts, tables and formulas displayed to highlight
test points for easy note taking. This video class walks you through all of the topics you need to know
to pass your exam. Our videos follow our books chapter by chapter and topic by topic. This video class details all of the concepts being tested and will let you know exactly how they are being tested on the exam. Our series 99 video brings all of the material to life and explains the concepts using real world examples that students can easily understand. Our series 99 video class is the perfect companion to our textbooks and a great supplement to any study program to help you master the material for your exam. Our series 99 video features include:

  • 1) 13 hours of HD video broken into 11 sections
  • 2) Over 4 hours on brokerage office procedures, back office operations and rules and regulations
  • 3) Our videos are accessible on all devices ( all computers, phones and tablets)
  • 4) Our series 99 video class contains new test tips and details exactly what topics are being tested and how they are being tested
  • 5) Our series 99 video course follows our books chapter by chapter and topic by topic
  • 6) 11 Chapter Tests
  • 7) Instant unlimited access 24X7 for 6 months


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