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Series 99 Mobile eBook

Deciding to sit for the Series 99 exam is a huge decision. One that requires long hours of preparation paired with a high level of individual dedication. Because of this we have found that many of our participants prefer to carry their study materials with them throughout the day. The problem is that toting around a heavy textbook can be difficult and inconvenient. The Series 99 Mobile eBook provides an amazing solution to this issue. Much more than just another endless eBook, our Mobile Lending Library will allow you to take your preparation efforts to a whole new level. With every page delivered in ultra high quality this approach allows you to interact with the text like never before. It’s a dynamic environment. One that is designed to challenge you even as it encourages you to work with your new knowledge base and apply it to real world situations. Best of all this content is available any time, any place via your favorite mobile device.


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  • Android .
  • Updated January 2024.
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