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Taking Advantage Of Series 4 Practice Questions

Preparing yourself by doing a large number of Series 4 practice questions is the most important part of your exam preparation next to reading and studying a professional quality textbook. Our free practice questions will help you master the application of the knowledge you learned from your Series 4 Textbook. Of course, being able to effectively apply the knowledge on your exam is key to passing the test.

The Keys To Answering Series 4 Exam Questions

Key Number One

The Series 4 exam can be very challenging because of the way questions are asked. Being able to zero in on what the question is asking is very important. Keep in mind that just because some fact is stated in the question, it doesn’t mean that it is related or even relevant. Often information is included in a question simply to distract you and to test your ability to remove the clutter.

Key Number Two

The best way to identify what is relevant with one of these Series 4 exam “trick” questions is to first read the question fully without trying to answer it. Don’t be in a rush and be content to sit back and ask yourself what the question is really trying to say. But then read the last sentence of the question again – that is the punch line – the nugget of what the question is asking. Zero in on this.

A big hint! It may very well be the last word in the last question of the question that gives it all away. The is definitely the case with the “except” and “not” style questions. These style of questions tend to be more challenging as the test will often describe something in great detail and then ask you to identify the one answer in the answer key that is not what they described.

Key Number Three

Many test takers find it helpful to change the wording of the question in their head or rewrite it on the scratch paper or dry erase tablet you are given at the exam center. Trying to repeat a question from memory will often indicate what you thought were the important points. Now, rewrite that question as if you were creating a Table of Contents for it. The most important parts of the question will be those that you labelled as the main headings and the things in the question that were labelled as sub-headings are the fluff. The hierarchy you come up with tells you what the critical parts of the question are.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

We have left the best advice for last. Now that you know the keys for passing the exam, take these concepts and apply then with our free Series 4 practice questions (sign up for a demo account above). This demo account will provide you with very high quality Series 4 practice questions taken from our extensive test bank. You will be able practice your new exam-taking techniques – just like the real thing. What a confidence builder!

Feel free to take these practice questions on any computer, phone or tablet as the software is compatible with all major browsers and devices. Good luck on your Series 4 exam.

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